PCD Diamond Cutting Tools for the Aerospace Industry

PCD Diamond Cutting Tools for the Aerospace Industry The aerospace industry requires nothing but the best in terms of quality and durability. When manufacturing aircraft parts and other items of utmost importance, effectiveness is of paramount priority. Even the slightest flaw in the manufacturing process may have catastrophic consequences, and therefore you need to be [ ]


Diamond Loop Blades for Electrical Contractors, USA Based Diamond Blade Manufacture

Hello there, wanted to send out a quick blog post today and talk about diamond loop blades for electrical contractors. Most industrial contractors, electrical contractors, pro cutters have run into having to run a electrical line into concrete for crosswalks from time to time….
Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Robb Capeling I run the blog http://www.cuttingtoolguy.com. I work for a USA Based Diamond Saw Blade Manufacture that also Manufactures Diamond Core Drills for the Construction, High Tolerance diamond Core Drills for the quartz used for fabricating quartz in the semiconductor industry, we are located in Livonia Michigan…my phone number is 734-743-1041. We work with all types of industrial contractors, professional diamond saw cutters and various pro-cutters and municipalities and provide them with professional quality diamond cutting blades, diamond core drill bi