CBN METAL BOND Grinding Wheels

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) METAL BOND grinding wheels that we make are designed for a wide variety of materials. CDP Diamond Products makes various CBN and Diamond grinding wheels are a proven to be of very high quality, precision products that are used in wide variety of industries. We can help design and develop abrasive [ ] The post CBN METAL BOND Grinding Wheels appeared first on CuttingToolGuy.


Author: cuttingtoolguymi is a blog about cutting tools, metalworking and cutting and grinding appliactions. My name is Robb Capeling and I'm a Sales Enginner for CDP Diamond Products Inc. We specialize in made to order Diamond Cutting tools. Products we make continued: are pcd, cbn, plated and metal bond diamond cutting and grinding tools . I welcome the opprtunity to serve you and your cutting tool needs. If i can be of service please reach out to me Robb Capeling 734-743-1041

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